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See also our maintenance manual and installation guide in PDF.

How to install your boards:

First you put the studs (blue coated side or use loctite glue for screws) in the inserts of each board ( in the middle inserts for free ride).

Don't over thight them, just use your fingers to do that, you may damage the soles. But the black bumpers on each stud and the square foam pads on the bumpers.

Then sit the frame and fork over them, putting each screw in the right holes, then put the washers into the frame using a smal screw driver, hold the washer with one hand on it and then put the tool into the frame over the screw and let it go. Then put the hexagonal nut into the frame and thight them by pair, same for the fork.

Be sure that the scoot is flat on the ground and if you feel it is not the case thight the nuts together so that you succeed to make both boards symetric and flat.

Check those nuts every time you come back from riding, it might change because of the weight and the fast turning and jumping, just take always your Insane Toys Tool with you on the slopes.


Good ride!